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Since the age of 14 i’ve been involved with computers in some way. my start was running a local bbs out of my bedroom (ah… the memories). since that time i’ve done everything under the sun from systems administration, network administration and infrastructure, database administration, project management and of course programming. i’ve worked for big companies and startups, done huge projects and little ones. currently i’m working full-time for the man and at night i do development on the side for my friend’s company. when i’m not burned out i try to help out anyway i can in the open source community.


CFML Project: Borderlands the PreSequel

ColdFusion has been known, since the very beginning, for making the hard things easy, with it’s first inroads being in the are of data connectivity. ColdFusion makes it extremely easy to connect with a wide range of datasources. This was probably the first true task of CFML (originally called DBML). It’s meeting this type of root level need that ColdFusion might need to focus on going forward. In this article we are going to looking to apply the concepts to the game Borderlands the pre sequel newly released the past few days.

A little about the game

Shoot ‘n’ loot your way through a brand new adventure that rockets you onto Pandora’s moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, coming this Fall for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC!

Discover the story behind Borderlands 2’s villain, Handsome Jack, and his rise to power in this brand new game in the Borderlands series. Taking place between the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel gives you a whole lotta new gameplay featuring the genre fusion of shooter and RPG gameplay that players can’t get enough of. With the help of deviatedhacking’s new borderlands the pre sequel trainer and a little help of coldfusion programming, you can cheat your way through the heart of pandora. There is an array of cheats available such as health, ammo, golden keys etc that make the game far more fun and exiting to be played than usual all possible in the new borderlands game. Get high in low gravity and launch across the moonscape to take enemies down from above using new ice and laser weapons. Catch-a-ride on the lunar landscape with new vehicles equipped with deadly weapons allowing for more levels of destructive mayhem.

Coldfusion advantages when used as the main programming language for making the trainers:

Here are just a few advantages to using Coldfusion as the primary programming language for the project.

Modular Architecture

So, what sort of things can Adobe do? Well, the Modular Architecture concept has multiple levels of benefit, not only for developers but for Adobe as well. By creating a “core” build of ColdFusion (db interactivity, includes, custom tags and the like), with “packages” of additional functionality (ORM, CFFORM, CFCLIENT, etc) that could be installed only when required, Abode creates an architecture where developers can customize their environment to the needs of their application. This decreases the overall footprint of the server, removes the “cruft” that might be unnecessary, and expands the licensing options for Adobe as well. I also believe this could significantly improve the cloud options that could be offered for the server as well, which could greatly improve adoption of ColdFusion as a platform.

Image Processing

Image manipulation was a long time coming to ColdFusion, and was a great addition once it finally arrived natively. That said, the current implementation is very process intensive and slow, and support isn’t quite what you would expect from a brand like Adobe. It may be time to revisit image processing in ColdFusion, possibly even exploring avenues other than Java for handling these processes, to improve quality and performance.

Of course,  we will cover more in the next articles in depth, this is just a quick and dirty look at some of cooler aspects of CFML. Stay tuned for more posts that i will make.

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